Let's start a new conversation about early years learning

We’re here to provide a modern, informed and positive approach to early years learning, that continually evolves and draws upon its rich history and traditions.

Work with us to raise quality and achieve better outcomes through a deep understanding and knowledge of curriculum progression.

We want to inspire early educators through a pedagogical repertoire to optimise children’s early years learning.

Says Jan Dubiel, Programme Director for hey!

Our training, consultancy and policy development support

  • Create conditions for learning, with effective observation and assessment, professional interventions, and enabling environments.
  • Use evidence-based, research-driven approaches to supporting the most effective and impactful practice.
  • Make best use of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), enhancing the statutory framework through exploring the influence of international models, pedagogy, and curricula, recognising the importance of cultural identity and diversity.
  • Enable and inspire early years practitioners’ confidence to develop and sustain a responsive, reflective and informed approach to the best possible practice.

Our offer for you:

Information briefings, training, onsite support, and consultancy.

  • Online and on-site services and programmes for parents, schools, academies, all types of early years setting, organisations, local authorities, and national government departments.
  • Briefings and informed explorations of the national and international picture, the identifiable contemporary ideas and beliefs, and the known and potential policy direction of travel. With guidance on how this may affect everyday practice and provision, the implications for early educators, and how this can be interpreted and used for maximum benefits.
  • Evidence-based training, research and consultancy to achieve the best in early years practice. With packages of CPD support that entail linked sessions with opportunities for reflection, application and dissemination in settings.
  • Advice with practice reviews, support for developing quality provision, supporting effective assessment and the EYFS profile. Auditing provision for quality and identifying/targeting CPD needs.

hey! Briefings: All things early years.

Spend time with us and enjoy our engaging digest of recent DfE documents, relevant research, and interesting and pertinent articles. We not only share our overview, we give you our informed interpretations and thinking.

hey! Continuous Professional Development training.

Compact two-hour sessions up to full days containing bespoke continuous professional development for differentiated groups (leaders and managers, headteachers and schools, practitioners of all types and levels) on all relevant aspects such as:

  • Implementing the revised EYFS, achieving change and impacts.
  • Supporting curriculum progression.
  • Creating quality experiences that nurture children’s cognitive development.
  • Developing a pedagogical repertoire.
  • Effective assessment, to support learning and demonstrate progress and impact on children’s learning and development.
  • Supporting consistency of assessment judgements through developing strategies for effective moderation.

hey! In best practice.

We come and work with you in your early years workplace. This is more specific and targeted in nature to support identified elements of practice, most likely involving an initial self-complete questionnaire, a half-day initial audit observation visit, an onsite support visit with suggested actions, bespoke training input(s) to work through the suggested actions, and a gap task to review what needs to happen next. Usually this is for 3-6 days.

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