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We’re here to support organisations (particularly early years, childcare and activity providers, local authorities, and central governments) to achieve change and best practice. We have a particular passion for tackling inequality and the effects of disadvantage.

in 1999

Hempsall’s was established in 1999 to form a collection of trainers, consultants and researchers. We’re here to support everyone to achieve best practice in services for children and families.


Creating and delivering tailor-made training workshops and courses; delivering research that achieves relevant and useful results, and reaches and informs everyone in the process; and providing consultancy and/or development work that project manages in the short term or even as long as 10 years.

We work with:

  • all local authorities across the UK
  • central government departments and agencies and international governments
  • many small businesses, charities, and children’s organisations
  • and some major high street brands, international and global businesses

Who do we
work with?

We like to deliver big, with a focus on sustainable change, quality, and equality.